Kaiser Gold 80 HMO

Kaiser Gold 80 HMO


Cost Share Information 
Individual Deductible  $0
Family Deductible  $0
Out of Pocket Limit-Individual  $6,750
Out of Pocket Limit-Family  $13,500
Co-Insurance  20%
Lifetime Maximum  Unlimited
Office Visits 
Primary Care  $30
Specialist  $55
Adult Preventive Care  No Charge
Child Preventive Care  No Charge
Maternity Prenatal/Postnatal Care  No Charge
Rehabilitation Services  $30
Chiropractic Care  Not Covered 
Inpatient Services 

Inpatient Hospital

$600 per day; 5 days/admit

Maternity Delivery/Inpatient  $600 per day, 5 days/admit
Outpatient Services 
Outpatient Facility  $600
Mental Health Outpatient  $30
Lab/X-Ray  $35/$55
Emergency Care 
Emergency Room  $325 (waived if admitted)
Urgent Care  $30  
Ambulance  $250 
Prescription Drugs 
Rx Deductible  N/A
Rx Generic  $15
Rx Preferred  $55
Rx Non-Preferred  $55
Recovery/ Special Needs 

Home Health Care

$30; 100 visits per year

Durable Medical Equipment  20%
Optional Benefits  None 

Complete Benefit Summary

If you you have questions about the Kaiser Gold 80 HMO plan or any other plans from Kaiser Permanente of California please call The Lynn Company at (800)-326-5966 for more information on California Health Insurance Plans
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